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Terms & Conditions


  1. It is the hirer’s responsibility to collect a key up to a week before the event. Please contact us via email or on the numbers below to arrange this.

  2. Hire of the hall includes most of the car park area, the kitchen and toilets. It excludes the space in front of School House and the two spaces at the top of the drive (which are reserved for the Church and the School House tenants: access to these spaces must be maintained at all times), the passage between School House and the hall, and the outside area to the rear of the hall. The fire exit door in the hall rear lobby is to be used ONLY in an emergency.

  3. Use of the trestle tables, card tables, folding chairs, fridge, oven, hob and microwave is included in the hire charge. Also included is small plates, mugs, tumblers and teaspoons (losses charged at £1 per item). The hall does not have other cutlery and this must be provided by the hirer.

  4. The hirer shall pay a deposit (usually £50) at the time of booking together with the full hire charge. The deposit will be returned within 28 days of the hire period provided there has been no loss (including of keys) or damage to the hall, that the hall is left in a good condition and that no complaints have been made about noise or other disturbance as a result of the hire.

  5. The hall, kitchen, toilets and car park must be left clean and tidy and fit for the next user at the end of the hire period. All rubbish is to be removed. The hirer has the option of paying a £50 fee in advance of the event in place of the deposit to cover cleaning and rubbish removal costs ONLY. Any loss (including of keys) or damage to the hall will be charged to the hirer.  

  6. The hirer is responsible for the provision of first aid equipment and its administration during the hire period.

  7. Hirers of the hall shall be aware of the location of fire extinguishers and other fire suppression measures, and shall have emergency evacuation measures in place. Candles, incense, fire pits, barbecues etc. are normally forbidden, but may be permitted after consultation with the hall managers.

  8. Hirers of the hall must be over 18. Like many venues, we do not accept late teenage or 21st parties.

  9. The hall is not a licensed premises and the sale of alcohol is therefore strictly forbidden unless we have obtained a Special Events Notice from the council. This must be applied for no less than 3 weeks before the party and will cost an additional £30. The hall operates zero-tolerance of substance misuse.

  10. Music and other amplification must be turned off at 11.30 pm and other noise kept to a minimum thereafter. The hirer and their guests should leave the building and car park as quietly as possible out of consideration to residents.

  11. There is a sound system in the hall that is included within the hire cost. The hirer connects his/her own device (iPod, laptop, phone etc) and controls the balance and volume on that device. This inbuilt system is perfectly adequate for background sound and children’s parties. If you require a fuller sound, we have a PA system for hire for £25. This must be booked in advance.

  12. Cream tablecloths are available at to hire for £5 each or £2 if returned laundered (ironing not needed).

  13. When leaving the hall, the hirer must switch off all lights and lock the door.

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